Monday, April 21, 2008

Holy Cow Part Deux

I returned from my spur-of-the-moment, month-long trip to India two weeks ago with the obligatory for any first-time backpacker: lots of pictures, miniature Buddhas, useless tchotchtkes, a fierce farmer's tan, scarcely believable stories, expanded horizons, an appreciation for indoor plumbling, and a high fever with chills. After a fortnight of suffering through seemingly innocuous fatigue and headaches, I went into septic shock last night (not so innocuous). A quick trip to the ER (only a 3 hour wait!) revealed an infection in my maxillary sinus that had painlessly spread, perhaps over the course of a month, to the bloodstream. A course of antibiotics and painkillers should get me back to normal in, let's say, a week. Who knows. The doc thinks I could still have something else wrong with me- my TB results come in tomorrow. Cross your fingers (and lungs)!

Moral of the story: never go anywhere, ever.

In related news, diseases once thought endemic only in West are slowly spreading to the desh; behold, a Scientology booth in Chandigarh.

More pictures to come.