Sunday, November 15, 2009

India Shining

Dear India,
Congratulations on your 25th anniversary of meting out swift justice to over 4000 men, women, and children in just under 5 days time. May the dim flicker of their smoldering corpses forever be eclipsed by the blinding light of your success!
Here's my humble tribute to the lasting achievements of that glorious time - mob rule, indiscriminate violence, and a continuing culture of impunity. It's the least I could do: following in a tradition of yours, of course.
-Your Secret Admirer



Blogger SaintSoulja said...

DUDE!!! your ILLL as F*CK!! just lisnen to the 3 tracks you sent my way right now. BLOWN AWAY mannn. Holla at me via email.

6:33 PM  
Blogger Sikander said...

haha, I JUST listened to that CD also. It's definitely "illl as FUCK!!"
I was an organizer at When Lion's Roar.

You really need an easier/better method of social networking... Hit me up though.

6:48 PM  
Blogger djdrrrtypoonjabi said...

I want to thank you for your comment on my barely maintained web log, but I'm plagued by a nagging sense of uncertainty regarding it's intended message: is your partial quoting of the previous commenter slyly conveying a dubitative mood, questioning his conclusion by subtly mocking his inarticulate effusion, or are you authentically echoing his (equally dubious) sentiment of support by appropriating its raw, misspelt milieu of immediacy? What are your motives? Do you know his? Are you in on this together? Why did I even give you a CD? What were my expectations? I hope that you have an answer for me, because I'm completely stumped.

My failure to network better socially may possibly be related to how I choose to engage with others, specifically with rhetoric and tone. I'm also uncertain of what would be accomplished by becoming more accessible to other nameless, faceless would-be-oppressors. (Most people scare me. Even inanimate objects are intimidating.) I interpret even cursory notes like yours to be subversive neuro-linguistic programs intended to alter my patterns of behavior and influence the subjective experiences that underlie them. I believe that you have succeeded, but I'm also undecided as to the ownership of the thought that led to that belief. Let's just agree to communicate only when necessary and solely through this comment section.

Oh, I registered a Twitter account but have little use for a space that limits my paranoiac inquisitions to a mere 140 characters.

Come again!

4:54 AM  
Blogger Sikander said...

I'm sorry that my comments have caused you severe uncertainty to plague-like proportions.

Be certain, however, that my comments were of good will and I chose to reflect Tanmit's energy and choice of words because I genuinely felt the same regarding your musical creations.

I understand what you mean about the uncertainty of sarcasm via internet. It can be difficult to decipher, but I've adopted a standard that when in doubt just take it as it is.

And let me tell you what it is. It's ill as fuck. Your music that is.

I'm not sure of Tanmit's immediacy, but mine came from the fact that he posted his comment exactly 15 minutes before mine, meaning we had probably been listening to your work at the same time and both felt very positive of our experience. Another reason why I quoted him.

My intentions were never to alter your thought patterns, but as you may know, we are helpless from such things and you should be accepting of the natural occurrence of give-and-take. I can understand one's underlying fear of this, especially since you are right about the ownership of the "domino-affect thoughts". They are not mine nor yours. I'd like to think they are manufactured from the depths of outer space and refined through our half wit brains through regurgitation. Perhaps that's why all this has happened and these emails have been exchanged. This leads me to believe that we all have a responsibility of not only in feeding each other but also in maintaining a quality of whatever it is we spit out. That may be your reason to be accessible to the nameless. You have a talent of outputting higher quality "domino-affect thoughts" than your peers and the masses.

You're also right about your rhetoric. It's awfully tedious and at times difficult to interpret what exactly you are trying to achieve, if anything more than just lols and writing practice. Nevertheless, small ripples lead to big waves.


10:36 AM  

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