Saturday, October 28, 2006

Rewind Selecta!

Big ups, respect, and thank you to the scores of folks who showed up to see me open up for the mighty Dhamaal last month and to Maneesh, Warp, and Radiohiro for rocking the casbah as hard as they did. You're all very special people and I'm in love with each and everyone of you.

(Oh, and thanks to El Diablo and Ohashi for ennobling with me another "r" in "Drrrty." Lord knows three isn' t nearly enough.)

To those who couldn't make it, (I'm sure you had a great excuse!) here are some testimonials from satisfied customers:
(That's right folks, Drrrty Poonjabi also works wonders for diaper rash!)

(FYI: The hot AILF [for the sadly uninitiated, look at definition #5, though definition #1 is pretty close] pictured above is none other than world famous South Asian Sister greekanjali. If you haven't checked their stuff yet, make sure to. )

Also, be sure check out the last Dhamaal this year:

Saturday October 28th @ Club Six

This month Dhamaal gets in the spirit of Halloween with a party of our own in Dhamaal style!

(Arrive Early - Limited Entry :: Register for Adv Discount Tix)

Surya Vault
World Bass, Beats and Breaks
Maneesh the Twister (Surya Dub/Dhamaal) 11pm-12mid
Guest DJs Rhythmystic (Beatstream/Funkizm) 12mid-1am
Dragonfly (Groove Garden) 1am-2am
Samba Guisse (Senegal) & MC Daddy Frank (Antigua) on the Mic
Video DJs El Diablo & Ohashi
Shabi & Ferhan on Tabla

Azaad lounge
Live South Asian Classical & Folk Music
Special guest "BUBAI" Debopriyo Sarkar senior disciple of tabla maestro Pandit Anindo Chatterjee
plus residents Ferhan Qureshi (tabla) and
Shabi Farooq on tabla